Continuing Healthcare

Continuing Health Care (CHC)

Continuing Health Care is NHS funded care provided to people living at home  who have physical or mental health needs, and which are a result of  illness, injury or disability.
Care can be partially or fully funded through NHS CHC
How we are different:
At Perfect Care our  management structure is lead by health care professionals  who are  Registered Nurses
They  have the:
  • Experience,
  • Knowledge base,
  • Expertise
  • Ability in understanding the complexity of peoples individual unique health care issues  – which is  vital  to assessing care needs  and developing  care plans  requirements, as well as  working closely with the multi- disciplinary teams often involved with CHC clients, and  leading and supervising teams of care staff actually delivering the care
At Perfect Care we work closely, and in partnership with all health care professionals and Continuing Health Care Teams to achieve best outcomes and leading edge bespoke care to a customers who have complex care requirements.
If you are wanting to know further information  about this service or are a Commissioning  Manager  for  NHS Continuing Health Care and have a client who may benefit from our unique service please contact us for further details
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